the Killing

No songs for this band.

Dave Harris - Vocals
Marc Eisenmann - Guitar
Chris Tole - Bass
Mike Cassel - Guitar
Mike Hickey - synth / noise
Darren Wilson - Drums

The Killing is a six-piece, aggressive metal band from southern New Jersey formed in the summer of 2002.

Their unique sound is attainted through their amalgamation of metal, hardcore, and other styles while demonstrating knowledge of music theory. After recording "What is Yet to Come", the band split ways with their original drummer, Greg, in August '02. After a few months of being semi-dormant, the Killing picked up a new drummer, Ryan, in October and started playing shows in February 2003. Even though the CD wasn't yet released, the band was working extremely hard to promote themselves and play out.

Everything was going smoothly until June 2003, when Ryan was fired. Aside from mild creative differences, the last few weeks he was in the band he lacked commitment and was deceitful. The Killing did not want to cancel all the summer shows they worked on getting. So until the band found a permanent replacement, the Killing's own guitarist Marc Eisenmann filled in on drums, while a close friend to the band, Trevor, filled in on guitar. Even though it was a misrepresentation of the Killing's caliber, they had commitments to play, and did.

The Killing's record release show (7.28.03 @ the River of Life) would be the last show with the gimp line-up. As drummer auditions narrowed down and the band was starting to figure out who was going to be the new drummer, Darren Wilson got a hold of Marc to set up a last minute audition. As soon as Darren started jamming with Marc and Mike, they knew he was the guy. So in September of 2003, Darren joined the Killing, and quickly learned the material.

Ever since then, the Killing has been working harder than ever before, promoting their asses off, striving to take it to the next level. Right now, the band is working on new material for a full length. If all goes as planned, it should be a monumental release.